Welcome to Studios, a web3 incubator by Chapter One.
We’re focusing on all the components needed to build a generational company: product, design, community and more. We’re building alongside the best founders in web3.
About Studios
We are looking for high-potential founders with previous building experience & passion interested in building within the following web3 themes.
Studios is extremely hands-on with high conviction. We want to focus our attention on a few exceptional teams and build alongside them.
We want to ensure quality and value in our products. That’s why we have decided to build Studios over a longer period of time.
Founders who are part of Studios will experience a personalized approach to building with Chapter One. From product, design, talent, data science, community, legal, and finance.
The Program
Only 3 teams.
6 months not weeks.
$1 Million cash, yes really.
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Selection Criteria + Building Themes
Studios is a 6 month incubator founded by Chapter One. We are identifying and building alongside a select group of top founders in web3.

Proof of work is a core principle for Studios. The goal of the program is to build generational web3 companies.
Consumer Applications
Cross-chain interoperability
Wallets and developer infra.
Surprise us!
The best companies are built with a combination of product, design, go-to-market, and community support.

At Studios we are bringing all of these experiences under one roof.

Our goal is to help founders reach Product Market Fit.
About Chapter One
Chapter One is a first check crypto fund focused on the web3 economy. We believe the best companies in web3 will win by making web3 more user-friendly and accessible, and we strive to be a founder’s first check to build powerful stories.

At Chapter One, building is in our DNA. That’s why when we launched our crypto fund, we built our team around a singular hypothesis: a venture fund modeled as a full-stack product team is the best partner for early-stage founders.
When you’re part of the Chapter One Portfolio, we are part of your team. We’ve invested in 50+ companies and will continue to back the most ambitious founders.
How far along should I be in the ideation or building process to qualify for Studios?
You don’t need to have an MVP built. We are looking for founders who are either at the very early stages of building or who are ideating and are gearing up to build.

When should I expect to hear back from the Studios team? 
Applications closed on 4/22/22 and the inaugural Studios cohort began on 6/13/22. However, we would love to keep in touch with prospective teams and will be sharing information about the program as we progress.

I’m having trouble claiming my POAP, who should I contact?
Email studios@chapterone.com

How much do you invest? 
$1M for 15% per team.

Do I have to be located in LA to go through the incubator? 

We are not based in the US. Do we have to do anything in addition to the application? 
No. We strongly encourage and invite non-US teams to apply. 

Can a single person apply for funding?
Yes, we are open to solo founders. 

How will you be evaluating each company? 
Every decision we make will be supported by a rigorous application review process.

Will I have an upper edge if my application has an on-chain component?
We would not be weigh applications more heavily based on chain components of an application. All applications go through the same review process. 

When are interviews?
Interviews have now closed.

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